Fixed Braces: Rules of conduct

What should I pay attention to when eating?

➢ Avoid hard things such as apple, carrot, bread crust or cut into small pieces and chew on molars, NEVER bite directly off the piece.

➢ Avoid nuts or similar things.

➢ Avoid sticky things such as chewy sweets, chewing gum, gummy bears.



What should I do if something breaks/tears/sticks?

➢ Always call directly, even if the next appointment is already the next day, so that our team can schedule more time without causing delays for other patients.

➢ If necessary, we will bring forward the next appointment so as not to prolong the treatment time for you.

➢ If a wire end stings, you are welcome to use the protective wax from the starter set to alleviate the problem.

➢ Please do not try to bend the wire ends yourself

➢ Do not try to unhook loose brackets from the wire.



How do I clean my braces correctly?

➢ Step 1: Place the toothbrush on the brackets from the incisor edge and brush in circling and shaking motions.

➢ Step 2: Place toothbrush straight on the brackets and circle/shake

➢ Step 3: Place toothbrush from the gums to the brackets and brush over the tooth surface, the edge of the bracket and the transition to the gums in circling/rattling movements

➢ Step4: Clean chewing surfaces as usual in circular movements

➢ Step 5: Clean the inside of the teeth with circular movements and properly massage the gum overlap with a brush

Step 6: Clean and brush the area under the wire / between brackets with interdental brushes.

Why is thorough cleaning important?

If not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, permanent discoloration may occur, inflammation / swelling of the gums and bad breath.